Maryland Gas Tax

What is Maryland Gas Tax?

Gasoline Tax is collected from every State in the United States.  The US Federal government collects 18.4 cents on every gallon of gasoline.  State and Local government also collect their gas tax. The average gas tax in the United States is 48.9 cents per gallon (April 2015)

Gas Tax are collected by the States to build/repair roads, highways, tolls and bridges.  The state allocates the funds to states, cities and counties depending on its needs.

How much is Maryland Gas Tax?

In Maryland, the gas tax is 48.7 cents per gallon of unleaded gasoline.  Maryland is ranked 19th in terms of the gasoline tax in the United States.  The higher the ranking, the cheaper is the gas compared with other states.

State Year State Gas Tax Federal Gas Amount Total Gas Tax Ranking (US)
Maryland 2015 30.3¢ 18.4¢ 48.7¢ 19 out of 51