Gas Tax in United States

Did you know that the Federal government, State and Local government collect gas tax for every gallon fuel purchased.  The Federal government collects 18.4 cents for every gallon of unleaded gasoline and 24.4 cents for diesel fuels .  In addition, the States and Local government also collect their fair share.  Every State collects a different amount based on their budget and resources.

The average gasoline tax in the United States is 50 cents for each gallon of gasoline.  The States with the highest gas tax is in California, New York and Connecticut.  While the States with the lowest gas tax are in Alaska, New Jersey and South Carolina.

Complete list of Gas Tax in the United States.  (State by State)

Alabama Gas Tax Louisiana Gas Tax Oklahoma Gas Tax
Alaska Gas Tax Maine Gas Tax Oregon Gas Tax
Arizona Gas Tax Maryland Gas Tax Pennsylvania Gas Tax
Arkansas Gas Tax Massachusetts Gas Tax Rhode Island Gas Tax
California Gas Tax Michigan Gas Tax South Carolina Gas Tax
Colorado Gas Tax Minnesota Gas Tax South Dakota Gas Tax
Connecticut Gas Tax Mississippi Gas Tax Tennessee Gas Tax
Delaware Gas Tax Missouri Gas Tax Texas Gas Tax
District of Columbia Montana Gas Tax U.S. Territories Gas Tax
Florida Gas Tax Nebraska Gas Tax Utah Gas Tax
Georgia Gas Tax Nevada Gas Tax Vermont Gas Tax
Hawaii Gas Tax New Jersey Gas Tax Virginia Gas Tax
Idaho Gas Tax New Mexico Gas Tax Washington Gas Tax
Illinois Gas Tax New York Gas Tax West Virginia Gas Tax
Indiana Gas Tax North Carolina Gas Tax Wisconsin Gas Tax
Iowa Gas Tax North Dakota Gas Tax Wyoming Gas Tax
Kansas Gas Tax New Hampshire Gas Tax
Kentucky Gas Tax Ohio Gas Tax